Examples of supplying 100,000 kWh to electric vehicles

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Clean Fuel credits are incentives for EV charger installations in Canada. By installing and operating electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Canada, you earn revenue by generating and selling Clean Fuel credits from the amount of energy used to charge the batteries in battery electric vehicles.

The challenge is that it is difficult to know how much energy is output to electric vehicles per charge station, especially when this is a new business. This makes it hard to estimate your potential earning from Clean Fuel credits. 

As a result, Rewatt has decided to use 100,000 kWh as a reference number. Furthermore, we have listed a few real-world examples to bring this to reality.

Here are some assumptions:

  • Vehicles charge 50% of their battery capacity per charge. If your customer owns a Tesla Model 3 with an 80kWh battery, then you will supply 40kWh to charge their battery from 30% to 80% full. If they own a Hyundai Ioniq5 with a 72kWh battery, then supplying 40kWh is charging from 24% to 80% full.
  • Most people will not allow below 20% or higher than 80% full since its not great for the battery.
  • For heavy duty vehicles, it’s assumed that there are two days of maintenance downtime per week or an equivalent over its lifetime of 10 years. That means it’s operational 71% of its lifetime.
Business type EV charge site owner for commercial or fleets vehicles Public EV charge site network operator for passenger cars or Multi-dwelling charge site for private vehicles
Vehicle type Commercial vehicles (heavy duty) Passenger cars (light-duty)
Vehicle example Lion Electric Lion6 or Lion8 Tesla Model 3 Long-Range
Battery size example 250 kWh 80 kWh
Energy supplied per charge (from 30% to 80% full battery) 125 kWh 40 kWh
100,000 kWh supplied is equivalent to Three(3) heavy-duty trucks charged per weekday 15 charges per week 65 charges per month 780 charges per year Seven(7) Model3 charged per day 49 charges per week 208.3 charges per month 2500 charges per year

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