Alberta Solar Credit FAQ's

       The number of Alberta TIER Offset credits your system generates is based on the amount of solar energy your system         produces over a year.  In Alberta, these credits are calculated using a simple formula:

       Alberta TIER Credits (tCO2e)=Kilowatt hours (kWh)×Emissions Factor

       The emissions factor or electricity grid displacement factor is determined by the Alberta Government. 

       Check out our calculator to get an estimate of how many credits your system will produce a year.


       Alberta’s carbon price is set to increase from $65/tonne in 2023 to $170/tonne by 2030. Alberta TIER credits trade at           a discount to the price of carbon, and the payment you can expect is a percentage of the sales price. While prices               fluctuate based on market supply and demand, environmental mandates and federal pressure have driven carbon             prices up over time.

       Check out our calculator to get an estimate of how much you can earn through participating in the program.


       You can generate credits for a maximum of 10 years. 

       Rewatt uses an application process to determine eligibility and collect the documents required for annual                             verification.

       You can access the application here: Rewatt Power – AB Solar Credit Program Application Link

       All the Rewatt Program details, terms and conditions, and application requirements can be found here: Rewatt                     Power – AB Solar Credits Program – Get Prepared

       During the application, you will need to provide:

       – Site details

       – Confirm of ownership

       – Connection of your devices

       – Upload verification documents

       Rewatt will review the applications and reach out if anything is missing. The application process usually takes                   between 2-4 weeks. Approved sites are added to a credit project on a monthly basis. 

      In short, not much. After your application is approved, the program is designed to be fairly hands-off. We handle the          data collection, verification, and sale of the credits, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. 

      The credit project undergoes annual auditing, with a small group of sites selected for site visits typically conducted          between December and February. If your site is selected for a site visit, we will reach out to arrange a short                            walkthrough.

      We will send you email notifications when the project status changes and to verify site ownership and payment                  details. 

      Payments are made annually via direct deposit within 30 days of the credit sale, typically between April and May. 

      When the transaction is completed you will receive a statement for your records.

      If you sell your property, the contract can be terminated or assigned to the new owner. You will receive offset credits          up to the date your system stops reporting to Rewatt. The new owner can join the program for the remainder of the            project term.

      Please notify us using the following change form:

      Change Form Link

       Yes, you can. You can participate in both as the Solar Club does not claim emission reductions from your system.

       No, it does not. You can participate in the Rewatt Program regardless of the electricity provider you choose.

       It depends on the grant. Some grants require you to transfer the rights to the environmental credits, while others do         not. Review the terms and conditions of your grant. Contact us if you have questions about eligibility.

       You can participate in Rewatt’s Program if you received the The Canada Greener Homes Grant/Loan or the                           municipal Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) loan