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Together, towards a low impact world

Urgent action is required to safeguard the future of our planet. The first step is to aggressively decarbonize.

Rewatt believes that carbon markets are integral to decarbonization: we can only change what we can measure. Yet carbon markets at present have limitations. In particular, they can be excessively costly for many local and independent players to access.

Our Mission

To facilitate net zero for anyone, anywhere.

Who we are

Rewatt is the world’s dedicated climate accounting and monetization platform for individuals, companies and municipalities of any size. We help collaborate on climate initiatives and access the benefits of carbon markets.

Our platform offers a suite of tools that allows organizations to automate climate accounting, monitor and report on clean energy and climate initiatives, and buy and sell environment offsets and credits with ease.

The Team

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Our team consists of high-performing, entrepreneurial individuals who are compelled to build solutions for a better world.

Prageet Nibber, CEO

Prageet Nibber

Founder, CEO

Tarun Chari, Engineering Lead

Tarun Chari

Engineering Lead, CPO

Julian Wood, Lead Developer

Julian Wood

Lead Developer, CTO

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