Homeowners and solar producers: get paid to sell Alberta solar offsets.

A better way to take climate action

Whether you want to run a climate program, or create and trade high-quality offsets and credits, Rewatt can help power your climate goals. 

Let us show you how.

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About Us

Do well while
doing good

Our mission at Rewatt is to make it possible for any organization to take climate action. Through our online marketplace, Rewatt Market, we help organizations to generate and trade high-quality offsets and credits. Through our software service, Rewatt Connect, we help utilities and municipalities to run financial incentive and climate programs with their clients and constituents. 

We are here to help organizations green the grid and move faster with their climate goals. 

Clean energy sources such as wind farms reduce carbon footprint.
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Sell on Our Platform

Have a clean energy project?

Are you a renewable energy producer? Do you have a climate action program? Have a project to reduce emissions? Join the Rewatt platform and easily track, report and monetize your clean energy projects. Clean energy producers who join our platform:

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Increase project returns

Access a growing market of carbon offset buyers who are hungry for compliant offsets and credits and improve the long term return profile of your project.

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Connect and sell with ease

Onboard your devices projects easily onto Rewatt’s device-agnostic platform and watch as we automate your emissions accounting for you

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Manage risk better

Set your price and decide when and to whom you’re selling. Flexible terms and advanced security technology means lower overall project risk.


Have a solar PV system?

Join the Alberta Solar Credits program! If you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, you can get paid for solar credits generated by your solar PV system.

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Buy On Our Platform

Looking to buy carbon credits and offsets?

Have you made a net zero commitment? Are you concerned about how carbon pricing will impact you? Whether you are buying offsets and credits for an ESG strategy or to meet compliance requirements, the Rewatt platform is host to a large pool of clean energy projects and their available environmental benefits for purchasing. Organizations who buy on the Rewatt platform have:

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Reporting Ability

Report your ESG and climate action programs with the confidence of transparent, auditable records

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Whether you are buying environmental offsets and credits for ESG strategy or to meet compliance requirements, get deal terms that work for you.

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Volume and Choice

We offer access to a variety of auditable, verified and serialized credits from clean energy projects within Western Canada and the US (soon to be Europe).

Project Developers

Have a climate project?

Do you have an idea or climate project you are working on? Want to gauge the interest of your stakeholders in your project? List your project on the Rewatt platform to invite stakeholders to join you in taking bold climate action.

Clean energy can benefit not just the nature but you as a producer as well.

Our Blog

Together, towards a low impact world

Urgent action is required to safeguard the future of our planet – the first step is to aggressively decarbonize.

Rewatt believes that carbon markets are integral to decarbonization: we can only change what we can measure. Yet carbon markets at present have limitations. For small and medium sized players in particular, they can be excessively costly to access.

At Rewatt we are committed to making it possible for even the smallest, independent player to participate. Our mission is to facilitate net zero for anyone, anywhere.