Accelerate the transition to zero-carbon energy

Trusted high-quality carbon credits tied to real climate impact. Net-zero for anyone, anywhere.

Generate CARBON credits to sell

Earn incentives from real climate impact

Trusted. High-quality. Measurable. Carbon credits generation that is easy, accessible, and automated. 

Commercial and Residential Owners
solar panels in field

Get Carbon Offset Credits from Solar

Alberta Residential and Commercial

Earn thousands of dollars from carbon credits from your solar PV system. Without the hassle.

Network Operators and Site Hosts
The difference is that money from credits go directly to you, whereas paying the carbon price goes into government accounts.

Get Clean Fuel Credits from EV Charging

Canada and BC Markets

Get financial incentives to expand the availability of public electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Clean Energy Project Developers
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Get Credits from Impact Projects


New market? We’d love to hear about your clean energy, wind, building efficiency, and other initiatives to see if we can help.

"Partnering with Rewatt Power aligns with our commitment to provide sustainable solutions to our customers.”
Darren Chu
Program Development Manager at UTILITYnet

Buy Trusted, High-Quality Carbon Credits

Looking to buy carbon credits and offsets?

 Organizations who buy from Rewatt platform have:

ESG & Climate Action reporting illustration.

Reporting Ability

Report your ESG and climate action programs with the confidence of transparent, auditable records

ESG strategy flexibility illustration.


Whether you are buying environmental offsets and credits for ESG strategy or to meet compliance requirements, get deal terms that work for you.

Auditable, verified, serialized clean energy credits illustration.

Volume and Choice

We offer access to a variety of auditable, verified and serialized credits from clean energy projects within Canada and the US.

Clean energy can benefit not just the nature but you as a producer as well.


Together, towards a low impact world

Urgent action is required to safeguard the future of our planet – the first step is to aggressively decarbonize.

Rewatt believes that carbon markets are integral to decarbonization: we can only change what we can measure. Yet carbon markets at present have limitations. For small and medium sized players in particular, they can be excessively costly to access.

At Rewatt we are committed to making it possible for even the smallest, independent player to participate. Our mission is to facilitate net zero for anyone, anywhere.

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