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Clean-Fuel Compliance Credits

Clean-Fuel compliance credits are financial permits to emit one tonne of carbon emissions. They are regulated by the federal government of Canada (and BC provincial government). By supplying EVs with electricity, network operators generate clean-fuel credits by replacing fossil fuels.

Available credit types:


  • Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR)

BC Only

  • Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR)
  • BC Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

How you earn revenue in a compliance credit market


Network operators generate credits by charging electric vehicles anywhere in Canada.


Fossil-fuel producers are regulated to purchase credits (or pay high fees) annually based on their yearly emissions.

Credit sales transaction

Compliance credits are sold at the best price between the buyer and seller, annually.


How We Help

Rewatt Power EV Credit Program

We make it easy to earn from clean fuel credits​

Join our collective membership to earn more money by sharing costs. 

Rewatt handles data recording, compliance, verification, and credit sales so you can focus on your business.

Earn from charging electric cars

Generate thousands of dollars per year

Learn how much you could earn by province

Join the collective

Reduce costs to earn more.

Government regulation

We handle compliance so you don't have to.

Rewatt technology

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How Rewatt helps you


As an aggregator, Rewatt registers your charging stations with the government(s) registries.


Rewatt connects your charging network data to the Rewatt platform for high-frequency data recording.


Your EV charge session data is retrieved and converted into clean-fuel credits during a compliance period.


Rewatt hires a registered 3rd party auditor to verify and approve its members’ block of credits for a compliance period. 


Rewatt finds a buyer with the best price for the block of credits. 

All verification and sales fees are shared between members.


Credit sales revenue is distributed back to you.

Repeat for 10 years.

Determining your potential credit revenue from your growing charging network can be quite difficult.

Let us help.