Instructions to Grant Guest Access to Rewatt

Fronius systems can be configured so that the Rewatt platform can use Fronius’ API to connect to your site and transfer data. This method to retrieve data is simple and reliable. A user will login to Fronius’ platform (, navigate to the site they wish to grant Rewatt access to, and add Rewatt’s account to the list of users who have permission to access the site.

Before You Start

Please have the following ready:

  • Fronius SolarWeb username and password

  • You must have Supervisor access to the site you want to onboard.

Step 1: Login

Login to the Fronius SolarWeb platform, using this link:

You will be navigated to your dashboard.

Step 2: Select Site

From the site list, select the site you want to onboard.

You will be navigated to your site’s specific webpage.

If you only have a single site, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Select Settings Tab

From the site’s specific page, select the Settings tab in the top navigation bar.

Note: You will see this tab only when you have Supervisor access for the site. Otherwise, it is hidden for Guests.

Step 4: Select Permissions Tab

From within the Settings section, choose the Permissions tab.


Step 5: Add Username

Under the Approval for access via Solar.web section, select ADD.

A pop-up box will appear.

Step 6: Add ""

  1. Under Username, add
  2. Under Right, select Guest or Supervisor.

  3. Press OK.

  4. Verify that is part of the username list.

Step 7: Copy Fronius website address

  1. Copy the text for the entire Fronius web address from your internet browser (including the https:// section).
  2. Keep the address handy as you will use it during onboarding to the Rewatt portal.



Step 8: Apply to Program

  1. Begin your application to apply to a Program: you will be directed to the Rewatt portal.

  2. During the application process, you will be asked for the manufacturer of your metering device.

  3. Select Fronius Solar.Web


Step 9: Paste Fronius website address into Guest Access URL

  1. Under the System URL section (previously Guest Access URL), paste the Fronius website (that you copied earlier).
  2. Press TEST CONNECTION to test if the connection is successful.
  3. Continue your application…