Instructions to Grant Access to Rewatt

The Enphase v4 API can be configured to allow Rewatt to connect to your site and transfer data. In short, a user will login to the Enphase Authorization page, be shown the application details and scope, grant permission to Rewatt, and report back to Rewatt with an authorization code. 

Before You Start

Please have the following ready:

  • Enphase Enlighten login credentials (username and password)

Step 1: Login

Login to the Enphase Authorization page, using this link: https://api.enphaseenergy.com/…

Step 2: Grant access to Rewatt

Click Allow Access to enable Rewatt to collect generation data.

Step 3: Authorization Code

Copy the authorization code provided by Enphase. Rewatt will need this code in the final step.

Step 4: Test Authorization Code

Paste the authorization code from Step 3 into the Rewatt instructions page.

Click on Test Connection. If all is well, you will get a green success notification!