AP Systems

To onboard an AP Systems site just two items are required. A set of credentials (username and password OR an Authorized ID), and an agreement to their terms of service.

Step 1: Navigate to the APS portal


Login with your username and password.

If presented, agree to the APS terms and conditions.

Next, choose either Step 2 or Step 3.

Step 2a: Enable Visitor Access

In the APS portal, navigate to Settings. Make sure “Allow visitors to access this system” is checked.

Copy/paste the Authorized ID onto the Rewatt page.


Step 2b: Enable Visitor Access

Copy/paste the Authorized ID onto the Rewatt page.

OR Step 3: Copy working credentials

Enter the same username and password for the APS portal on the Rewatt site. This will be stored securely on Rewatt servers in order to routinely collect generation data.

This option is required for fleet users.

Step 4: Test

Click the Test Connection button. If all is well, you will be greeted with a green success message, and you can press Next to move on.