Ziing and Rewatt Power Announce the Integration of EV Charging Sites into Clean Fuel Credit Generation Platform

[CALGARY, ALBERTA May 30, 2023] - Ziing, a technology-driven logistics company at the forefront of sustainable last mile delivery solutions, and Rewatt Power, a technology provider of clean energy finance solutions, are delighted to announce their ground-breaking partnership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Ziing becomes the first company to launch customer EV charging sites fully integrated into Rewatt's credit generation platform. Jordan Lypchuk, Vice-President of Business Development and Clean Energy Solutions at Ziing, and Prageet Nibber, CEO and founder of Rewatt Power, spearhead this innovative initiative.

Through this alliance, Ziing empowers its logistics fleet customers to unlock the potential of Canadian clean fuel credits generated from their EV charging activities. These credits serve as compelling financial incentives, expediting the development of EV charging infrastructure across Canada. Leveraging Rewatt Power's expertise in clean energy finance, Ziing's logistics fleet customers can achieve significant cost savings and invest in the expansion of their charging infrastructure.

"At Ziing, we are proud to partner with Rewatt Power in driving the adoption of electric vehicles and supporting the growth of clean energy infrastructure," expressed Jordan Lypchuk, Vice-President of Business Development and Clean Energy Solutions at Ziing. "By integrating ours and our partners’ EV charging sites into Rewatt's platform, we offer a comprehensive solution that enables fleet owners to offset charging costs and infrastructure upgrades, while contributing to a more sustainable future. This partnership showcases our shared commitment to leading positive change in the transportation sector."

This strategic move solidifies Ziing's position as an industry leader in sustainable logistics, ensuring that its logistics fleet customers are at the forefront of the evolving clean energy landscape.

"We are excited to partner with Ziing in delivering an innovative solution that unleashes the potential of EV charging for logistics fleet customers," stated Prageet Nibber, CEO and founder of Rewatt Power. "By incorporating Ziing and partner charging sites into the Rewatt platform, we provide a seamless and efficient solution that empowers fleet owners to offset their EV adoption costs and drive the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in our shared mission to create a greener future."

The partnership between Ziing and Rewatt Power represents a pivotal moment in their mission towards clean energy and the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in logistics fleets. By offering financial incentives for the development of Canadian EV charging infrastructure, this collaboration will accelerate the transition to a greener transportation sector, reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable growth.

For further information about the partnership between Ziing and Rewatt Power, please contact:


Jordan Lypchuk

Vice-President, Business Development and Clean Energy Solutions

Email: info@ziing.com

Rewatt Power

Prageet Nibber

CEO and Founder

Email: sales@rewattpower.com

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