EV Verification Requirements for Each Charging Site

Version April 28, 2023

Final Supply Equipment (FSE): refers to a charging station or other equipment that is the final equipment through which electricity is provided to a vehicle, vessel, conveyor system or other means of transportation.

  • Requirements CategoryRequirementDefinitionEvidence TypeBC LCFS
    IdentificationFuel SupplierThe full legal and operating name of the Fuel Supplier providing the electricity through the FSE.
    • Continuous Measurement
    • System Controls
    • Physical Documents
    • Financial Controls
    Equipment IDStation NameThe name of the station or facility that contains the FSE. YesYes
    LocationStreet AddressThe street address of the charging station that contains the FSE. YesYes

    The latitude and longitude coordinates of the charging station in units of decimal degrees up to at least 5 decimal digits with a precision of 10 meters or less.

    For a larger facility, greater than 10 meters precision is acceptable as long it does not overlap with any nearby charging stations. Use of GPS devices for locating geo-coordinates with adequate precision is recommended.

    (Note: Longitude coordinate west of prime meridian is always negative and that east of prime meridian is always positive)

    Equipment ListCharging Type

    The charging station type.

    There are four types:

    • Public: refers to an FSE that is available to the public.
    • Private/Workplace: refers to an FSE that is available to the employees and/or customers of the charging site.
    • MURB: refers to FSE at a multi-unit residential building that contains five or more dwellings.
    • Fleet: refers to FSE that service an electric vehicle fleet.
    Equipment ListLevel

    There are three options:

    • DCFC: refers to Direct Current Fast Charging.
    • Level 2: refers to high voltage FSE operating at 208-240V AC.
    • Level 1: refers to low voltage FSE operating at 110-120V AC, which typically consist of a standard electrical outlet and power cord.
    Equipment ListSerial numberThe serial number of the FSE assigned by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). YesYes
    Equipment ListManufacturerOriginal Equipment Manufacturer Name YesYes
    UsageDate of SupplyThe dates the supply of electricity occurred. Dates are to be listed DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY
    • Continuous Measurement handled by Rewatt
    Restricted RevenueEquipment ReceiptsWhen and what was purchased, in addition to the the vendor names and identifications  Yes
    Additional Project InformationNotesAny other information you believe relevant YesYes
    Restricted RevenueCredit RevenueShow credit revenue  Yes
    Standards and ProceduresMaintenance SchedulesCalibration  Yes
    UsageVehicle types

    Choose the vehicle type whose fossil fuel is being displaced by electric vehicles:

    • Light duty (gasoline)
    • Heavy-duty (diesel)
    • marine (marine)

    Note: For public projects be conservative and use light duty, if the vehicle types are not known.