Rewatt Power EV Emission Credit Services

Rewatt Power EV Emission Credit Services

Support EV Projects through Compliance Credits

Rewatt Power Inc. is a Canadian tech company that assists organizations of all sizes to profitably participate in carbon markets, with a particular focus on electrification projects. The Rewatt team has developed a software platform that streamlines the complexities of emission credit data collection, compliance reporting, aggregation, verification, and trading for clients, regardless of their size or the complexity of their stakeholder networks.

Our platform and service offerings provide a flexible, tailor-made solution to maximize returns for participants in the Canadian Clean Fuel Regulation and British Columbia's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs, aligning with our clients' climate and economic objectives.

Key Benefits of working with Rewatt

  • Effortless Onboarding: Quickly set up charging sites and connect devices with the support of Rewatt's online platform and API integration, making it a breeze to onboard your EV projects, upload documents, and report measurements.
  • Compliance Assurance: Rest easy knowing that Rewatt will help you navigate regulatory compliance, meet verification requirements, and enhance sustainability reporting, especially in light of the evolving CFR regulations.
  • Seamless Transactions: Rewatt handles the entire sales process, from marketing and contracting to credit sales and final cash disbursements, making it a hassle-free experience for you. Historically, we have earned our clients prices 6-8% higher than the market average.
  • Experienced Team: Rewatt has a track record of generating and trading credits in multiple compliance emission markets, navigating verifications, and working on projects with multiple stakeholders.
  • Simplified Pricing: Our proposed pricing is designed to be simple and transparent, reflecting the spirit of our partnership.

Rewatt EV Credit Services

Rewatt's primary goal is to provide customers with an efficient and accurate method for monetizing their clean fuel initiatives through carbon markets. Rewatt offers a dedicated solution to generate compliance-grade credits in both the BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the Canadian Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR) markets.

Rewatt offers a comprehensive development program designed to align with your objectives, timelines, and resources.

1. Learn:

Structure your credit projects effectively with Rewatt's experienced team, with over 15 years of expertise. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to confirm market eligibility and provide guidance on optimizing project structure for maximum returns.

2. Register:

Upon signing the applicable agreements with the Site Host, Rewatt initiates the registration process for sites within the applicable credit registries.

3. Onboard:

Rewatt has a proprietary platform that simplifies the onboarding process for sites onto the Rewatt Platform. Rewatt will host a customer training and kick-off session so that a client's team can facilitate on-site onboarding. Rewatt will also collaborate with the client to establish the necessary data connectors for data retrieval.

4. Generate:

Rewatt automates compliance credit generation by retrieving EV charging session and performance data across its pool of sites. This will create provisional compliance credits, with the quantity determined by factors such as energy supplied, charger location, and the vehicle type. Clients can easily access site reporting, credit generation details, and credit status through the online dashboard.

5. Verify:

Projects undergo annual verification by a third-party auditor as part of the credit process. Rewatt works with 3rd party auditors to complete the annual verification. The verification process includes site visits, and in cases where the client’s site is selected, Rewatt will coordinate with the client directly.

6. Report:

Every year Rewatt will submit reports to the appropriate registries. If the verification is successful, a credit identification number is issued. The credits are now eligible for sale.

7. Trade:

Rewatt manages the entire process of compliance credit contracts and sales. Our EV Credit buyers encompass Canada's fuel producers, who are either obligated to pay emissions taxes or manage their climate responsibilities by acquiring credits. Rewatt supports three types of purchase contracts: Spot Contracts, Fixed Term Future, and Prepaid. Rewatt's platform guarantees a smooth and legally compliant credit transfer to the buyers. With active market participation, we consistently achieve spot prices that surpass the industry average.

8. Disburse:

The Rewatt Platform will handle disbursements in accordance with contract requirements. All disbursements and credit development stages can be tracked on the Rewatt Platform. This process is repeated annually for a maximum of 10 years per charging station site, following steps 2 to 5.

Use Case - Light Duty Vehicles

Rewatt works directly with regulated buyers, conducting an annual auction for its credits. The CFR is an evolving market, and there is currently no index price. Historically, Rewatt has achieved prices 6% higher than the index price in both the BC LCFS and Alberta TIER credit markets.

Small/Medium site: 4 chargers 70,080 kWh/Year

Estimated earnings for charging light-duty passenger cars from credits alone:

Jurisdiction Credit / kWh Price / Credit Price / kWh Rewatt Fee Net Earnings /kWh
BC (Combined) $0.58 $0.47
BC (LCFS, Gas.) 0.000886 $450 $0.40 15% $0.34
BC 0.001209 $150 $0.18 25% $0.14
Quebec 0.001231 $150 $0.18 25% $0.14
Ontario 0.001199 $150 $0.18 25% $0.13
Alberta 0.000464 $150 $0.07 25% $0.05

Use Case Assumptions: Installer for Condominium or Small Fleet Owner

  • Let's assume each charger uses 48kWh or a site total of 192kWh per day (70,080 kWh per year).
  • Rewatt fee is based on a tier percentage based on fleet charging at the highest tier pricing. Rewatt offers several service options based on the size and complexity of the project.
  • Using a conservative CFR Credit Price. Rewatt monitors and tracks the market dynamics and pricing for both the BC LCFS and CFR credits.
  • You can earn credits for a maximum of 10 years.

Use Case - Light Duty Vehicles Estimated Earnings

Province Expected Annual Revenue Expected Revenue over Total Credit Term (10 years)
British Columbia $33,217 $332,170
Quebec $9,671 $96,710
Ontario $9,390 $93,900
Alberta $3,644 $36,440