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Boost revenue with solar carbon credits

Solar Block and Rewatt Power have partnered to help you earn revenue with carbon credits from your solar generation.

Solar producers across Alberta earn thousands of dollars from carbon credits. Join them.

You are eligible for Rewatt’s Alberta Solar Credits Program if:

Generate income at ultra-low risk.

Earn Thousands of Dollars

Gain returns up to 26% of your investment*.

Profit from Rising Carbon Prices

Market prices follow regulated carbon price increases.

5 Minute Registration

Take minutes to earn thousands.

Easy and Automated.

One-time setup. Eliminate human error.

Your Estimated Net Earnings from Credits over a 10 Year Offset Term*

Carbon Price Growth Conditions (Canada), 10 Year Term* (2023-2031)

Your System Capacity (AC)Conservative CaseAggressive Case
2.5 kW$606$877
5 kW$1,352$1,918
7.5 kW$2,357$3,380
10 kW$3,170$4,548
12.5 kW$4,040$5,779
15 kW$4,920$7,051
20 kW$6,671$9,561
50 kW$17,172$24,649
100 kW$34,740$49,811
*Alberta Solar Credits Program Details
  • Market-based variable pricing
  • Credit offset term: Ten (10) years
  • Transaction fee: 25% of credit spot price
  • Minimum one (1) transaction per calendar year
  • Documents required to prove system ownership
  • There is an opt out clause

If you have received a rebate or grant, check this FAQ for your eligibility. Otherwise, contact Rewatt to verify your credit ownership.

How it Works 
  1. Submit an application and connect your solar device to Rewatt’s automated monitoring system.
  2. Solar credits from total energy generation are prepared on your behalf. At year end, credits are verified and serialized on the provincial registry.
  3. Your solar credits are sold by Rewatt and are distributed to you.
  4. For 10 years you generate as many credits as possible and collect revenue.

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