Get paid to sell Alberta solar offsets.

Get the most out of your clean energy project

ReWatt is a dedicated emissions accounting and trading platform for clean energy projects. We help you access and benefit from carbon markets, so you can drive the greatest financial return on your climate initiatives.

Our platform allows you to easily:

Measure and calculate the emissions reductions your clean energy project produces

Create and verify the accompanying emissions offsets and credits

Sell environmental benefits to buyers on the platform and maximize project revenue

Rewatt is an automated carbon accounting process that takes minutes – versus months – and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in manual tracking and reporting costs. For small to medium-sized clean energy projects, Rewatt may be the easiest or only option to find buyers.

Once your environmental benefits are ready for sale, you pull the trigger – when and on the terms you want. It’s that simple. And that powerful.

New to carbon markets?

Learn more about environmental benefits and buying and selling carbon offsets here.

Increase the Value of Your Project

Unlock more value

Clean energy projects connected to Rewatt can:

Clean energy project return illustration.

Increase project returns

Access a growing market of carbon offset buyers who are hungry for compliant offsets and credits and improve the long term return profile of your project.

Device connectivity illustration.

Connect and sell with ease

Onboard your devices projects easily onto Rewatt’s device-agnostic platform and watch as we automate your emissions accounting for you

Clean energy project risk illustration

Manage risk better

Set your price and decide when and to whom you’re selling. Flexible terms and advanced security technology means lower overall project risk.

How It Works

How the process works

Tell us about your project

We'll match you with eligible buyers or sellers.

Get matched with eligible markets

Our platform connects with your devices with ease.

Connect your devices with ease

We can discuss your ESG goals.

We prepare your credits for you

You start selling

Better Project Return Profile

Leave nothing on the table

By tapping into carbon markets and selling environmental benefits, you may be able to significantly improve your project return profile.

Pricing for sellers is based on a percentage fee for completed transactions and a nominal annual subscription.

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