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Rewatt Market is an online marketplace that connects accredited buyers to sellers of high-quality environmental credits, like carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs). Our blockchain-enabled platform allows you to create or invest in assets that stand up to scrutiny.

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Unlock the power of credits

Environmental credits represent the legal right to claim a positive environmental impact. For example, one carbon offset represents the right to claim responsibility for removing or avoiding one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere. 

Credits are exploding in demand around the world as governments, businesses, and private citizens seek ways to lower their carbon footprints. But making and trading credits is generally a cumbersome and expensive process. And investing in them can be fraught with challenges because of concerns like greenwashing. 

Rewatt solves these problems by offering a platform that makes it simple to create or invest in high-quality environmental credits.


Boost revenues, save on fees

Making and selling environmental credits on Rewatt Market is a simple way to boost your project revenues.

If you have a renewable energy, energy efficiency or clean fuel project, you may be entitled to generate environmental credits from your operations. For example, perhaps you are:

  1. Generating renewable power like solar and wind,
  2. Investing in energy efficiency measures that reduce consumption,
  3. Investing in electric vehicles, or
  4. Switching to low-carbon intensity fuels.

If you are investing in these kinds of initiatives, you may be entitled to generate and sell credits. Creating them on Rewatt Market is easy – just sign up and allow us to prepare them for you. Once generated, we automatically match you with buyers.

We offer carbon offsets and credits.

Advantages of Rewatt Market

Potential credits you can create

Don’t lose income to expensive brokerage fees -– find out whether you qualify to create credits on our platform and speak with a member of the Rewatt team.

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New to carbon markets?

Learn more about environmental benefits and buying and selling carbon offsets here.


Invest in credits that stand up to scrutiny

Companies everywhere are being called to take on climate change. Environmental credits play a critical role in these efforts, allowing organizations to invest in and amplify reductions outside their own team. Unfortunately, not all credits credibly represent the impact claims they make. Credits range considerably in quality and integrity. 

On Rewatt Market, you can have confidence in the assets in which you are purchasing. When you invest in credits on Rewatt Market:

We can help you enact your carbon reduction plan and reach your ESG objectives.

Best-in-class preparation standards

Every credit available on Rewatt Market has been prepared and vetted through a best-in-class credit creation process – giving you peace of mind that the credits you are purchasing will stand up to scrutiny.
Rewatt collects measurement data directly from sites. This expansive, continuous and live data capture process enables direct monitoring and serves as a more transparent and accurate way of quantifying impact.
The result are credits that have been rigorously measured, tested and verified –assets that you can trust and defend.

Fund impact not middle-men

Properly preparing and vetting environmental credits can be a time-consuming and expensive process. In some cases, as much as 80% of the value of a credit can go to administration fees!

The cost of preparing credits is dramatically reduced on Rewatt Market through automation and embedded industry expertise. As a result, more funds from the sale of credits flow back towards the project developers making an actual difference. 

When you invest in assets on Rewatt Market, you are funding change — not brokers with expensive fees.

Reductions today

Credits on Rewatt Market come from projects that are making permanent and additional carbon reductions and which are happening today.

You can buy solar-based carbon credits & offsets.
Alternative, purchase wind-based credits & offsets.
You can also choose credit type based on energy efficiency.
Or pick a credit type based on renewal energy.

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Environmental credits are critical instruments for tackling the collective problem of climate change – and a vast, untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Don’t wait a minute longer to build your environmental credits portfolio – book a call with our team to discuss your options.