Homeowners and solar producers: get paid to sell Alberta solar offsets.

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Rewatt Connect is an online platform that has all the tools you need to run financial incentive campaigns with your key stakeholders.

Incentivize and reward your clients, employees, or constituents for taking climate action. On Rewatt Connect you can reward:

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Connect allows your organization to design and implement financial incentive programs, report on impact, and help fund these initiatives by generating environmental credits.

New to carbon markets?

Learn more about environmental benefits and buying and selling carbon offsets here.

Fund your campaigns with credits

Did you know that you can generate environmental credits from your climate initiatives?

Clean energy project return illustration.

Environmental credits (like carbon offsets) are intangible financial instruments that represent the legal right to make a specific impact claim. For example, one carbon offset represents the right to claim responsibility for removing or preventing one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere.

These credits carry value — and are increasingly in demand around the world. Organizations, like yours, which take certain beneficial climate actions (for example with solar, energy efficiency or clean transportation) may be entitled to generate them.

Auditable, verified, serialized clean energy credits illustration.
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You can produce these credits on Rewatt Connect. It’s automatic and easy. For eligible campaigns and sites, premium credits are automatically generated for you, which can then be held as assets or sold for extra income.

Don’t just run climate programs – earn income by generating environmental credits from them.

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